Monday, February 23, 2009

Listening to others - have your own visions

Greg Verdino has a nice blog and I liked his American Marketing Associations MPlanet conference documentation from the AMEX CEO John Hayes keynote, where he gave some directions for marketing in tough times. The lower quote is the one that I can fully share as this is exactly how I also see the work of a good strategic planner:

  • Be equal parts consumer advocate and visionary. Understand where consumers are now, what their needs and concerns are today, but also be the voice of hope and deliver on the promise of a brighter future. Clearly, consumer advocacy is an outcome of taking the time to truly understand your customers and their needs. Companies that aren't doing this already are heading for a world of hurt. But being a visionary is the difference-maker. During tough times, there is enough bad news -- the consumer knows and lives that every day. As a brand marketer though, you can help the consumer see beyond the near term crunch, provide assurances, and demonstrate a real commitment to helping people survive, thrive and come out the other side. In other words, nobody knows better where we are today than the consumer; it is the brand's obligation to help the consumer see where they can be tomorrow.Greg Verdino: Marketing, Media & Trends, Jan 2009