Monday, September 5, 2011

A summer full of coffee breaks & work work work


I needed to drink a lot of coffee this summer -as it just was too wet, dark and cold for anything cooler. Only good thing about it: enough time to get loads of work done, with the help of caffeine even better. This said I still know it is no excuse for not coming up with more blog posts lately. Over all the coffee I did an Interview with the Mediafront blog from Norway - which was a great way to reflect on my own views and inspirations a little. I get the feeling I would love to do more of these "5 key questions" with other planners and thinking minds as well myself.

Apart from this the summer was filled with musings on women today and what we can learn about females and their current behavioural patterns - together with our friends Joanna and Stefan from LHBS in Vienna we are currently putting together the last pieces of a little study on this subject. Stay tuned for more.

In the meantime I also had the chance to challenge some of the thinking on this stuff with my peers at this years Planning BarCamp in Hamburg. (I also wrote something for new business ahead of the barcamp to promote the format, for all of you that are not familiar with barcamps in general). Thanks to Christian (his twitter name is mindcaffeine - so more coffee for the mind here) a splendid afternoon with some sharp minds from Hamburg and beyond. I truly enjoyed the personal exchange on "women" as well as on many other different topics - all under the umbrella of "awesomeness" - very much and look forward to more events like this! As I am sure this will be an awesome fall (after such a depressing summer nothing else is possible!)

With all the coffee going I was also able to finish a chapter on "agency briefing" for a compilation published by Andreas Baetzgen, Professor at Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, which will be published in November under the title of "Brand Planning". It should be a nice overview on the topic with a lot of really cool authors including some of my former & all time favourite colleagues such as Dirk Nitschke, Sebastian Wendland, Oke Mueller or Alison Segar (which is even more flattering to be one of them). Thanks to all of you out there that provided your point of view on the subject of briefings from clients to agencies - it was truly valuable to have a little "quantitative" data.