Monday, January 12, 2009

Brand "Me" - part 1: "Executing Me 2.0"

The aspect of "Brand Me" has been going around my mind for a while. When I took seminars on business coaching I got the idea to mix the thoughts on personal development, definition of life objecives, personal ressources, change of believe systems etc with all what I know about branding. This does not simply mean to "pimp your personality" and sell better within the job market. But it should include these issues as well.

I want to share my thoughts on this frequently with you - from defining what differentiates you as a personality and setting your objectives to how to execute and communicate your personal brand. There is some literature on this but to me a lot of this seems a bit stale and old-school.

This will not be "in order" starting with defining your personal core, working out a strategy and then defining comms strategy and the needed channels - I will just put the posts up as I please.

As times are tough and I just stumbled across a nice piece on this I will start with the rather executional part: how to communicate your personal brand using social media.

Dan Schwabel (more by him can be found here: has summoned the 7 secrets on how to involve social media in communicating your personal brand to find a new job. An issue that a lot of people in advertising and marketing might be facing right now.

And even though we deal with brands all the time it often seems to me that we miss the point to understand ourselves as a brand and integrate technology in communicating it.

Schwabel to me is not the greatest example when it comes to "personal branding" regarding outer appearance (see online video of him) - as I feel he lacks a bit of authenticity in his speech as well as I am not sure what he means by the jacket-and-shirt combination. But he shows great expertise in how to engage the web when launching and supporting your personal brand. This might especially work well in the U.S. or countries that have strongly embraced technology already. But I think a lot of the hints will also work in Germany or Europe in general.